The Aim of This Blog

February 16th, 2019

I am writing this at 3:17 AM on the 16th of February, 2019. Since it's so late, this will likely not be a very coherent or well-thought-out essay. These are not the goals either. The goal here is mainly to test my blog. The only reason this post focuses on the aim of my blog is because it is difficult to write lengthy essays about absolutely nothing.

The goal of my blog is to be a catalog of my thoughts. This is like Twitter, but more long-form. It's like Medium, but more personal. The writings here aren't necessarily intended to educate or enlighten the reader, but more to help myself make out my thoughts regarding various things. However, I will not have stream-of-consciousness-esque writings on here, because I know how undesirable they are, having tried to read more than 1 Nassim Nicholas Taleb book.

What you will see here will not necessarily be factual or absolutely correct. They may not even be things that I agree with. The bar for posting stuff here is that I find the thought interesting or intriguing.

The shaping

I bought this domain a few months ago, fearing that it would be taken by someone else eventually. I didn't know what to use the domain for, so I did the testing for Twined on it for a little while. I performed the tutorials that I intended to use for Twined on here. Later on, I planned to use it as a portfolio of the websites I've created, but now I'll just dedicate part of the website to it if I ever make a website in addition to Twined.

Today (well, technically yesterday (it's 3:26 AM now)) I thought that it would be nice if I could design a blog. I was looking at Wordpress and other websites, but none of them was completely free and no-strings-attached. I decided that since I know how to work with Heroku, I can just set up my own blog. So I did. I wrote the HTML, CSS, and JS for this in around an hour, and took ~5 minutes setting it up with Heroku. It's funny that for starting this blog, I incurred no costs other than what I paid for the domain, because a few years ago, I made a blog (it was called (long-gone now)) and it cost me over $100, maybe even $200, to set it up. Welp, learning web development saved me some money I guess

Anyway, I'm slowly planning on sleeping, so I'm logging off for now. Enjoy your day, whenever you're reading this!