The Importance of Compilations

February 16th, 2019
Since ideas need to be repeated to form a memory, you've probably forgotten most truly unique ideas you've heard.

I read that tweet by @mmay3r 6 months ago. It made perfect sense. Spaced repetition is the most effective way to memorize something, so unique and non-repeating ideas will probably never be stored in mind.

Not only did it make sense to me on a theoretical level, but I had also felt it firsthand. I had been on Quora for more than a year when I read that, and day by day, I felt like Quora was less and less beneficial to me. The insight-density on Quora is very little, but the little gems are usually very valuable. However, I never revisited those little gems, so I forgot those as well. Quora had turned into a momentary-pleasure platform for me, rather than a place where I could learn from bright minds.

I needed a system where I could repeatedly be exposed to the gems I had encountered online so that I would never forget them, so I created a document in the Notes app called Web Highlights.

Starting on August 9th, 2018, I copy-pasted every valuable insight I found on the web into Web Highlights. The document now spans 28,000 words of insight-dense gems on various topics.

I study Web Highlights while in the Metro and am trying to cultivate a habit of reading it in its entirety every week. The document has improved my life greatly, and I advise every reader to create their own Web Highlights document.

I try to spread Web Highlights as much as I can, because I feel like it can be a very valuable resource to most people. When I'm in the Metro, I try to AirDrop it to every person who has their AirDrop on, but no one has accepted it so far. But now that you know what it is, and don't feel like you're getting solicited, you can access Web Highlights here.