An Allegory About Consistency

December 8th, 2019

One day, an aspiring artist sees a famous entrepreneur in the street. What the artist does is he draws some stuff in a few hours and posts it on Instagram. The drawings take him an hour or so to complete, and he makes a new one and posts it every week or so. Seeing the entrepreneur and knowing that he has a large Instagram page, he sees an opportunity for getting a shoutout and a lot more followers.

The artist approaches the entrepreneur and starts talking to him about his art page on Instagram. The entrepreneur sees the drawings and he's amazed at the quality. Yet, he sees that the aspiring artist only has around a hundred or so followers on Instagram. He asks the artist about his posting frequency, and he replies that he posts roughly once a week.

"You've got to post at least once a day" replies the entrepreneur. "How long does each drawing take you to make?"

"A few hours."

"Then you can make one every day"

"I guess that's true."

"Then do that."

"I will" replies the artist. "But to get things started for me, can you post one of my drawings on your Instagram so I would get a lot of new followers?"

"You know what, kid? Here's the deal. Message me on Instagram right now. Now, every day, I want you to be drawing one picture and posting it on Instagram. And when you post it, I want you to send me a DM. And I'll see your DM but I'll leave you on read. I won't respond, congratulate you, comment on the art, or anything else -- I'll just see your message and check every once in a while whether you're actually posting your art or not. And if, after 365 days, I see that you've been drawing and posting every day, I'll post one of your drawings on my Instagram page and tag you. Deal?"

"Yes sir. I promise."

And the artist leaves, determined to post a drawing every day so that he'd finally get his shoutout.

The entrepreneur turns to the people around him and says: "You know what the beauty of this all is? If he really does post a drawing every day, he won't even need the shoutout in a year."