Advice for Totalitarian Governments from 1984

April 27th, 2019

I finished reading 1984 today. It was a fascinating book. It was one of those books that makes you sit back for a while after reading it and just contemplate what has happened and think. I strongly recommend that you read it if you have not already.

While reading it, I wrote on sticky notes what certain passages can teach a totalitarian government. These were either straight out of the book (not word for word) or thoughts I had while reading.

Running a totalitarian government is one of those things I daydream about, along with being able to fly, being invincible, being in a Groundhog Day scenario, and a lot of other things, so this was an interesting activity.

In Oceania, the country where the events in the book take place, the government is slowly trying to make its citizens use a made-up language (as if other languages are not made-up (I guess the made-up adjective for certain languages is more dependant on the time it took for it to be made up rather than how it came into being)) called Newspeak. The government has made Newspeak, which is a language of as few words as possible which possess strictly-defined meanings. The notes written below will start with those concerning Newspeak and then shift to other advice for totalitarian governments.

Here is some advice for running your very own totalitarian government!

Again, you should read 1984 if you haven't. It is amazing.